Stand Up India! Because Sitting Might Be Killing You Slowly

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What Makes It Awesome?

In today's time obesity, has been a major health concern, be it for adults or kids. Moreover, the negligence and lack of awareness are affecting kids, making them lethargic which is leading to low immunity. VLCC has come up with Orange Pledge which is Stand Up India Anti-obesity Drive because sitting might be killing you slowly. So, let's join hands with VLCC on the fight against obesity. You just have to dump the junk food in any of the VLCC centres around you and you get to enjoy services of double the price of the food you are dumping. Let's say you are dumping chips worth INR 100, you get services worth INR 200 free. Isn't that cool? Do you want to take the pledge? It's pretty simple! You can log on to their website, sign up for the pledge and stand a chance to win prizes worth 1 Lakh and also enjoy 50% off on all slimming services.