Ten-Second Takeaway

Tikuji ni Wadi, an amusement park in Thane claims to have unique rides, cottages and a banquet hall. We explore why it may become your go-to spot for a weekend getaway.

What Is It?

An amusement park tucked away in the greens at Thane in a sprawling 20 acres area caught our attention. The park contains rides { roller coasters, bumpy rides, 360 degree spin, UFO cycle that gives you the view of the tree tops} , a water park {lazy river, water slides and a wave pool} and cottages {INR 3500} to stay at.While the rides aren’t quite exciting as Essel World, the water park and the cottages make up for the experience. We think the park’s USP is the fact that it is situated away from the city.
The restaurants within the premises serve only vegetarian food {bummer}.They also have a banquet hall that they rent out for weddings {rent INR 1,40,000} in two shifts {9am-5pm and 5pm-11pm}. The catering and decorations have to be managed by the host. Also, they need a minimum guarantee of 500 guests at the wedding. A bit steep, we say {we’d rather rent out a hill}.

So We’re Thinking…

If you’re visiting Thane or are looking to get away to the outskirts bbut can’t commit too much time to travelling, check Tikuji ni Wadi out. While the premise isn’t exactly luxurious, it could make for a fun day out with friends. Or maybe a getaway for a weekend party if your building is a little too nosy and often tells you to lower the volume levels.
#LBBTip: If you plan to stay at their cottages, bear in mind that they do not provide dinner. You’ll have to order in.

Timings: 11am-7pm{Amusement Park}, 10am-6pm {Water Park}

Featured photo source: Pexels