Don’t Have An AC? 5 Alternate Ways To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

In these warm months, it’s tempting to find a frigid zone at home and park yourself there. While some of us use ACs, for those of us who don’t have it, there’s a lot you can do. We’ve found some cool ways to help you beat the heat this summer.

Portable Handheld USB Mini Misting Fan

On a hot summer day, a misting fan can be your best friend. The fan blows a mist of water into the air and the mist evaporates, taking heat from the air with it. It’s small so you can carry it around with you at home or even at work.

Price: INR 1,500

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Khus Curtains

What’s summer without khus to cool you down? You can pick up khus curtains that can help keep the house cool and smells great. You can also sprinkle water on them to lower the temperature in the room.

Price: INR 50 per square foot

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Heat Reflective Roof Coating

This non-toxic solar reflective coating reflects UV and infra-red rays so that your home is cool in the summers. It’s a roof coating that helps reduce the room temperature, so it’s a great investment during this season.

Price: INR 3,800

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Switch To CFL Bulbs

CFLs use roughly ¼ as much energy as incandescent bulbs, so you can reduce your energy consumption so much and in turn, reduce your monthly electricity bill. You also get more light with a CFL bulb, so it definitely works out better in the long run.

Price: INR 435 for pack of four

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Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Sleeping in the heat is not the best feeling, so we’ve found something that can cool you during slumber time. This memory foam gel pillow is comfortable, with ventilated fibres and a special layer of temperature-sensitive cooling gel that repels excess heat.

Price: INR 2,499

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If you don’t want to spend too much on using the air conditioning while traveling, or if you don’t have one in the car, you can invest in this pretty rad car seat cushion that cools itself. You’ll be safe from the heat and can actually travel out without too much hassel.

Price: INR 3,999

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