Stop What You're Doing: The Ferry Service From Mumbai To Goa Is Launching Next Month

Shalvi posted on 09 November

What Makes It Awesome

Remember we told you about the ferry service that was to launch between Mumbai and Goa? Well, that's happening, and it's happening real soon. How soon is too soon, you ask? It's next month! The ferry is now starting mid-January, and excited travellers will get to see the beautiful Konkan coast and travel to Goa in style. We're told the long-distance luxury cruise will have the capacity of up to 300 passengers, along with amazing amenities. How much it will cost travellers, what are the provisions of the cruise, etc. are details we're yet to know {but we'll keep updating you}.

What Could Be Better?

We're keeping our fingers crossed that this luxury cruise doesn't break the bank.

Anything Else?

We can't wait to hop on to this cruise and get our cameras out. Can you imagine how awesome your Instagram is gonna look?