Pump Up The Style: This Streetwear Brand Is Perfect For The Bold And Rebellious

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you’re a rebel at heart, have an aura that speaks for itself and love being comfortable, Strey is the brand for you that brings along bold design and crazy patterns.

Strey is looking to setup a counter culture, a sub-culture where norms and value substantially differ from the conventional society, with a belief in change and expression, along with the numerous forms it can take. Based in Mumbai, Strey draws it inspiration from the small elements and happening around the city that often go unnoticed. In addition to that, the brand's heart lies with street animals and a part of their sales proceeds goes into looking out for the homeless animals.

There collection has designs that carries the rebellious streak, loud and clear. 3018, their iconic collection, has all things from the future. Comfy tees (INR 1,899 onwards), drop crotch pants (INR 2,599), shorts, and other printed and designed wearables are up for grabs. For women, they have long tees (INR 1,999), dresses (INR 2,999), tracks and jerseys, all designed keeping streetwear in mind. 

Besides all this, they also do off-beat accessories such as skateboards, funky caps, face masks and more.