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#SundayGoals: Sip On Beer And Do Yoga With Your Dog At This Event In SoBo

Nupur posted on 14 June

What Is It?

A fun event that will bring pet parents under one roof with their doggos, Cat Curls For Dogs is being hosted by Doolally Taproom at their Kemps Corner outlet on June 25 {Sunday}. The event will see Oliver Pet Care and Samanta Duggal collaborate on Mumbai’s first Yoga for Dogs series. Priced at INR 800 per pet parent {and pet}, the ticket includes a pint of beer or house fries with mocktail or pancakes with coffee/tea. The event is slated to start with a meet and greet {10 -15 minutes} as this will give the dogs time to settle down and sniff each other, followed by a practice session.

Who Is It For?

Pet parents who want to inculcate social skills in their dogs and dog lovers.

Why Should I Go?

The event will see dogs trying to do yoga. If that sight doesn’t move you, what will? We’ll be standing there with our video camera.

Anything Else?

Since your pet will be meeting other pets, it will be a different experience for them and for you. A great way to make your dog friendly towards people and other dogs, the event sounds like a huge play date for doggos. Click here for more information and to reserve your spot.


Where: Doolally Taproom, Kemps Corner
When: Sunday, June 25
Timing: 10:30AM to 12 Noon
Cost: INR 800