Being an office-goer is hard with all the perils thrown at us: meetings, being civil, and worst of all: the darned office AC that makes us feel that winter is here. If you are one of us who get goosebumps easily and constantly has to have a tug of war with the ac remote, you are in the right place. Pick up one of these light jackets, that don’t make you look strange with no tolerance, but casually protect you from the snow storm too.

Stay warm with this colourful biker jacket, that doesn’t look OTT. We think it’s suitable for 22 degrees.

Price: INR 2,895

Get it here.

A thin jacket best for when the temperature’s stable at 25 degrees.

Price: INR 1,299

It’s yours if you buy it here.

The only key to not freezing to death in office is being prepared and getting this jacket. Will work when the temperature is usually at 23 degrees.

Price: INR 2,999 {available at INR 1,499 at discount}

Get it here.

Throw on this casual jacket when the cold gets to you, and look sharp while you're at it too. Best when the temperature is between 25-26 degrees.

Price: INR 885 {originally INR 2,950}

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 A jacket with sass is just what we need at work. Let them know how underrated you are and be warm as a fuzzy bear too.  

Price: INR 4,495

Get your game on here.

Nothing like a denim jacket to look cool while casually saving your insides from shrivelling up. Suitable for 22 degrees, IMHO.

Price: INR 2,452

Buy it here.




Featured photo source: Asos (L and R)