Ten-Second Takeaway

We stumbled upon La Panaderia, Byculla’s latest dessert fixation {ala bakery}, and decided to check it out.

Chow Down

La Panaderia is a decked-up, yellow-doored patttiserie located at a very unusual junction in Byculla. Completely in contrast with its surroundings, it looks like a jolly child okay with the chaos around him.


An all-eggless bakery that opened about two months ago, it caters to the Jain community in the area and garners quite the attention from vegetarians as well. You can sit back at this cutesy eatery and pig out on macarons {INR 25 upward}, lavash {INR 60}, cheesecakes {INR 85 upward}, cupcakes {INR 20 upward} and cookies among others.

Want an egg-less birthday cake for that friend who’s into veganism? Pick up cakes starting at INR 400. We love the idea of overflowing jar desserts {red velvet and chocolate} at INR 165 is appetising.

So, We’re Saying…


Heading out for a meeting or just need your sugar levels revved up? Stop by La Panaderia and treat your taste buds.

Photos source: La Panaderia