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Broke But Happy: A Guide To Conquering The Open Market At Lokhandwala Kamdhenu Under INR 1,000

A lot of us head to Lokhandwala market to shop our hearts out, and we intended to do just that. While we walked towards Kamdhenu Shopping Centre, we noticed the open market right outside and decided to check it out. Conquering this lane in under INR 1,000? We found a goldmine. Check it out! 

As soon as you enter the Kamdhenu Shopping Centre, you see rows of gorgeous shiny neckpieces that immediately grab your attention. The tiny store called Replay, has beautiful stone-studded neckpieces, earrings, nose pins, accessories for Navratri (chunky jewellery), hats and caps and even costume jewellery for men (if you love Bhai, you’ll find a replica of his bracelet here!)

Price: The stone neckpieces start at INR 200 and you can even get pretty jewellery for less.

While there are quite a few stores in the complex that have some really exciting options when it comes to clothing, we found one treasure called B.K. Garments, that sells women’s clothing, largely western wear, with some of the prettiest designs we’ve laid our eyes on. They have a few other stores around Lokhandwala for women’s clothing, but this store in particular had garments only made of cotton, from tops to formal shirts, dresses and pants for any occasion.

Price: The starting price for their clothing is INR 250.

Now, this was a fun find for us! Some of us are into baking and we were excited to see a baking store called Zikrah’s Koko Kraft, right towards the end of the lane, with products like chocolate slabs, pastes, powders, chocolate moulds, lacing sugar, pouches and boxes for chocolates, cake decoration accessories, bakeware and even bakery products. We picked up quite a stash (who doesn’t love making chocolates?!) and even got pretty bags to gift them to people. Theirs is one of the few shops we noticed that had Lindt’s cooking dark chocolate. Now, go have a ball!

Price: Starts at INR 100 for a mould, INR 200 for chocolate slabs, etc.

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