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Every Biryani Lover In The City, Head To These Joints To Satiate Your Soul

If there's one dish that unites Indians, it is a well-made, mouth-watering handi of biryani. With so many local versions of it, we cannot get enough of this melting pot of flavors. Biryani's origins are many, but let's focus on the aromatic blend of the rice, with all the foodgasm inducing masalas that make Mumbai's biryani worth everything. Here are six places that will end your quest for the kind of biryani that's finger-licking good. 

Lucky Restaurant's biryani in Bandra will make you hate all the other biryanis you ever have in your life again. This legendary eatery has the softest pieces of mutton in its biryani, and it literally melts in your mouth. If you're shopping at Hill Road, make sure you make room for some biryani here, or maybe carry a parcel back home. A full plate will set you back INR 330 here.

If you're not an ambiance person but would go to a restaurant for its iconic food, then Noorani's should be on your list. What makes this cafe unique is that they not only serve the typical chicken and mutton biryanis, but their show-stealers are Surmai Biryani, and Fish Tikka Biryani. With fresh fish that's mingled with tangy masalas, this dish is designed to excite your taste buds. The Fish Tikka Biryani will set you back INR 450 here. while the regular Chicken Biryani is priced at INR 240.

As the name of this restaurant suggests, they specialise in the slow-cooked, scrumptious Dum Pukht Mutton Biryani, an Awadhi delicacy. Their biryani is cooked in authentic metal handis, with coal and wood-fire, to retain the smokiness and the juice of the meat and vegetables. The price of biryanis in their menu is slightly on the higher end but it is so very worth it, guys. A biryani will set you back INR 2150 here. 

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