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Get Cakes For All Occasions At These Cake Shops In Mumbai

Need a cake for your bestie’s birthday? An office party coming up and you don’t have a cake yet? Or are you just in the mood to indulge yourself in a cheat meal? Whatever be your reason, cake we feel is a good answer. We’ve rounded up the best cake shops in town to help you decide where to get your hands on the best sweet treats in Mumbai!

Dessert Queen Pooja Dhingra is baking up a storm, and we’re no strangers to that. All those interesting flavours and gooey centres make her cakes the talk of the town, and we assure you that ordering your cake from Le 15 Patisserie is never a bad idea.

If you’re ordering a cake from here, their plus-size cakes are all that you need to know about. The Banana and Nutella cake is our absolute favorite!

Biting into a thick, velvety smooth classic cheesecake is totally worth the cheat meal when you’re ordering in from this cute café. Known for some great tiramisu and cheesecake, this café has over two dozen desserts and a whole bunch of cake flavours on offer!

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