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Let's Get This Hashtag Trending: #schoolchaleinhum


Catalysts for Social Action or CSA is an Indian NGO that supports over 3400+ children over 4 different states. They work towards providing kids with a better future by working with government organisations, child care institutions and schools. 

What Makes It Awesome

Here's the lowdown on the NGO organising the campaign: CSA works in key areas like health and nutrition, education and child development, livelihood and aftercare and capacity building along with institutions and government organisations to provide a better life for children in the institutional care system.

Here's a quick check in on the #SchoolChaleinHum campaign: The school year is almost upon us, and while most of us had easy access to all the necessary items needed to attend school, kids under institutional care struggle with these basic requirements. This campaign aims to help these kids get all the support they need for basic school items like study tables, school shoes, geometric box, raincoats, textbooks, uniforms, exam pads, and more, so they can attend this year. 

Unfortunately, the schools themselves are not financially able to fund these children's school items, and CSA too, needs help to make sure these kids get the support they need.

How can you help?

You can donate in cash or kind. For more information on what the kids need and how you can support them, check out the link on the side. 

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