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Cheggit: This Coworking Space In BKC Has Combined Both Work And Style


Dextrus is the newest addition to coworking spaces in the city, and it's giving all others a run for their money. Spread across 15,000 square feet, founder Robin Chhabra has created an architectural statement in the form of a workspace.

Work in Luxury

Workaholics, this is your paradise. On a business trip and need a space to work? Or just bored of the corporate walls and want a change of space? This place will spoil you with all their amenities and comfort for the workaholic in you. And there’s a plethora of choices for you to choose from, be it private and open-plan workspaces, meeting rooms or business lounges. 

From gourmet coffee to high-speed internet, from storage and locker facilities to valet services - get ready to be pampered during working hours! Think of cafeteria, pantry, unlimited beverages, office supplies, accessible bathrooms (there is even a shower!) - they will cover all your workplace needs under one roof. We think we have found the perfect work wife.

Where you work says loads about your business. Starting at INR 900 for their daily rental packages, this place gives off an aura of grandeur. Ideated by experienced architect Robin Chhabra, Dextrus has focused heavily on an acoustic design with top-notch tech infrastructure, balanced with stylish architectural design.

So, We Are Saying…

This beautifully handcrafted workspace is here to stay. If you want to get your work done in style, Dextrus, BKC is the place to be at.

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