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Work Out Of This Beautiful Space In Versova For Only INR 300 A Day


Harkat Studios in Versova is a multi-disciplinary art studio that also provides a beautiful space for freelancers and others looking for a quiet and colourful co-working space.

What Makes It Awesome

Harkat Studios is a collective that works on brand videos, advertisements, corporate videos, fictional web series and fashion films. They also shoot, direct and edit behind the scenes or the making of’s of Bollywood feature films.

The studio is beautifully decorated, with plenty of sitting areas, tables and couches for you to lounge at. Good lighting, lots of greenery and bookshelves dominate the interiors. A desk of your own, WiFi access, printer and scanner access, a library, and unlimited tea and coffee can be yours.

The space has splashes of colours, furniture made of salvaged antiques and repurposed material and creating different spaces in one open office. It’s like a working living room. They also have Ramu, the friendly office assistant who can make you coffee and serve up biscuits, as well as deliver any packages you might need. There’s even an outdoor seating area if you need some fresh air.


If you’re a freelancer, or just need a break from your office environment, head here. It’s cheaper than ordering endless coffees at Starbucks, and a better place to work as well. Call them on +917718030009 to book a seat. 

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