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This Online Delivery Offers Delicious Combo Meal Boxes At Affordable Price

What Makes It Awesome?

Box 8 offers delicious box meals at affordable prices. Box 8 has recently started Daily Meal Deals where you can get these delicious meals at discounted rates. Do check them out before ordering. We were 2 of us & ordered 2 meals & one choco lava cake. -Paneer Makhani Meal approx Rs 225 * Paneer Makhani * Chole * Paratha & Rice ( Half n half Combo ) * Chocolate Brownie -Daal Makhani Meal approx Rs 220 * Daal Makhani * Rajma * Paratha & Rice ( Half n half Combo ) * Chocolate Brownie -Choco Lava Cake:- Approx Rs 75/- Box 8 meals offer Great food quality, decent quantity & tasty desserts. Chocolate Brownie & Choco Lava Cake were so yummy.

What Could Be Better?

Rajma & Chole can improve in taste. Daal Makhani can be thicker & creamier.

How Much Did It Cost>

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Kids.

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