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#TakeBackFrom2019 At This Gorgeous Beach Cafe With DJ Kush This New Year’s

What’s Happening?

Sitting with no plans when your friends have already booked tickets, shopped for accessories and got their leaves approved to celebrate New Year’s? We know, we know, we all have those ‘nice’ friends who can’t shut up about their holidays! You don’t have to worry, because this New Year’s we will all #TakeBackFrom2019 at this party, beach style! And why go to Goa when Goa can be brought to Mumbai? So before someone else asks “Bro, new year ka scene kya hai?” text your friends and buckle up for a not-just-another night this New Year's Eve with "Take Back from 2k19"- Held Up In Sand, on 31st December 2019 At Cafe Serene, Uttan. Excited?

Hosted by the popular Emcee Aditya Rathod and pop and cultural band Soul Salad, the party is going to be extremely exciting with elements such as live acoustic midnight music, unlimited alcohol and food, fun games, stargazing on the beach and a surprise firework sesh (because, what’s a party without a firework party?) They even have cosy and comfortable canopies for you to relax with your loved ones. And did we mention there’s a bonfire? Yep, this party is going to be lit! So, feel free to laugh at those people who are spending hours in cabs, airport and hotels to enjoy Goa when you’ll be doing that right here without all the hustle.

How’s The Venue?

Situated right on top of the mountain alongside Vailanknni beach, Cafe Serene gives you total Goa feels with its beautiful sea view and breeze. Just like the name suggests, the view from here is absolutely serene, making it the perfect place for young and old alike. It's an open restaurant with some rocking live music playing so you’re bound to have a great time. And did we mention they’ll be #GettingGoaToMumbai?


Just like the sand slips from one's hands when we try to hold it, this party will be holding up your best memories of 2019 in SAND so book your passes ASAP!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/antisentiroof/

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