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Guide To The Best Toy Stores In Mumbai

When it comes to toy stores, age is literally just a number. Be it a cute soft toy, an airplane hovering around, or a cute city planned with lego bricks - toy stores transform you into a whole new world which (even for a while) takes you away from the daily hustle-bustle. And if you've got little ones, it's never a bad idea to shower them with gifts once in a while. 

Here are the best toy stores to shop from across the city: 

We had to start our list with the most iconic, finest and #No1 toy store across the globe. Hamleys is not just a toy store, it's a whole new world that has so many childhood memories, fun moments and emotions attached. Their iconic bright red doors, a sheer variety of toys and games, and welcoming staff are sure to put a bright smile on anyone's face. 

Popular For:  Premium toys, superhero and fiction themed merchandise, educational and science kits.

Walk into this store during the weekends, and you're sure to spot a bunch of kids busily hunting for their favourite fiction character toy, a unique board game or a DIY set. Although a comparatively tiny space, they yet remain the ideal choice for parents and children in the vicinity. 

Popular For: Puzzles for skill sets building and creative imagination, educational DIY kits, board games. 

Now, this one's comparatively different and offbeat. Desi Toys is known for manufacturing and hoarding toys with the good old 90s nostalgia. Think a wooden chess set, wooden tops, gili danda, tic tac toe etc. In a generation where children are constantly hiding behind mobile screens, toys like these would be quite a breather. Read more here

Popular For: Wooden and desi 90s toys. 

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