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Graffiti Art, Red Burger Buns & Quirky Quotes: This Cafe Is Made For Your 'Gram


Lover of everything quirky & nice? Dhadoom’s new Carter Road outlet will not only entice your taste buds but make you appreciate the beauty of quirky art. With their newly launched Global Fusion Street Food menu, one can expect the craziest combinations inspired from different parts of the world. 

Awesome, Tell Us More

Gone are the days where dishes were limited and flavours were restricted, Dhadoom’s flagship outlet on Carter Road boasts of a menu inspired from global street food, with a desi twist to it. The eatery, for all its quirk, stands out amongst other small-big restos on Carter Road.

We were extremely curious to try out huge red bun burgers and loved the quirky graffiti artwork on the walls. We wanted to try them all but settled for a Chowpatty Burger and a Maggi Patty Burger. Sounds insane, right? There were, but so delish!

They had local flavours and elements, making them even more unique. Also, the red bun burger(made using beetroot) deserves some IG fame for its beautiful texture. 

To name a few other dishes that made us fall in love were the Pav Bhaji Cheese Sandwich, Paneer Makhani Pasta, Noodle Kheer, Paan Shake, Oreo Pakoda and the Strawberry Oats Rabdi, these combinations may sound deadly but the flavours blend extremely well, sure to allure your taste buds. Order your favourite cuisine and see how Dhadoom revamps the dish with some desi-ness. 

So, We’re Saying…

Grab your polaroids and DSLRs, 'cause this eatery ought to catch your attention with their quirky decor, delicious fusion dishes, and relaxed ambience. Follow them on Facebook & Instagram to stay updated on new offers. 

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