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Hungry After Your Workout? These Gyms With Health Cafes Are What You Need

Working out then heading to work is usually a big rush in the morning. If you often find yourself running to office without meals because you don’t have time, stop – there are several gyms which offer great options in the form of health cafes or juice bars. Now, quickly grab a bite before you get, set going.

Nittro Bespoke Fitness, a ‘pure-oxygen’, high-end gym on Kemp’s Corner is ideal if you like luxurious spaces to work out in. They have a full gym floor, and separate studios for zumba and other forms. In between your exercise regimes, take a pit stop by the snacks bar. You can get salads, super bowls, fresh juices and even almond milk before you get started again at their health cafe.

Gold’d Gym isn’t counted as one of the best gyms with the most facilities for no reason. At the very entrance, you will find a health bar where you will find snacks, packed sandwiches from Paninaro, nutrition bars from different brands, and gatorade ready for on-the-go snacks.

Versova’s Inch By Inch fitness centre is humongous, and has a gym, swimming pool, a spa and a juice bar too. In the same compound as Inch By Inch, there’s an all-vegetarian cafe right next to it called Sirocco where you can grab a quick serving of a quinoa salad, starters, hummus platters, etc. They also have coconut water and fresh juices available here. They make their pizza base and hummus in house, making it a healthier option than store-bought ones.

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