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This Gorgeous Homestay Is Peaceful And Only Two Hours Away From The City


Perch yourself atop a hill, amidst the birds, bees and trees and let not technology affect you. Banyan Bliss, a homestay on the hills near Khopoli, Maharashtra promises to let you do just that. Run with love and care by Beena and Vinod Nair, Banyan Bliss is a three-room cottage, built using recyclable, environment-friendly material.

What Makes It Awesome

It is the fairytale wonderland package that we all envisioned in our childhood. Hilltop with a view, a Banyan tree with shade under, a bubbling river, a lotus pond with guppy fish burbling, and rambly treks to run amok with your pet on. 

From leisurely strolls across endless acres of safe and idyllic forest trails, to rustic village walks, or a bullock cart ride to a dip in the Amba river, or sleeping under a charpoy or in tents at night gazing at the stars above, to treks of your choice either up the mountain to the local village deity 900 feet above mean sea level or trying your luck at fishing deep in in the forest in a valley from where the mountain streams begin or a walk across the mountain to either Bushi Dam, Amby Valley or even Lonavala, there's a lot you can do here. 

Besides the nature side of it, the rooms are comfortable and provided with all amenities. 


You may ask for a tent or a hammock. You can take your dog along for this vacation. If you run out of that, you can have their own 2 dogs- you can hang out with their dogs, Patcho and Pablo. Get in touch with them at +91-9820030717. 

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