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This Ultimate Staycation Location Is Just Three Hours Away From Mumbai

What Makes It Awesome?

Utopia, a family resort, is just a three-hour drive from Mumbai. With grand interiors and a special events team that organises everything from karaoke nights to private film screenings, this is the go-to resort not so far from the city. The resort has a fine-dining restaurant and a 24x7 hour café (that serves delicious coffee and pizza even at 4 am). The restaurants serve all cuisines from North Indian and Chinese to South Indian and Italian - they even have thali meals. The resort is a one-stop shop for all things family and fun - swimming, jacuzzi, spa, a dance floor, private mini theatre, gaming area, a bowling alley - you name it, they have it! So whether you're looking for a calm weekend to recharge your spirits and spend time reading and sipping on coffee or a fun-packed getaway with the entire family, Utopia is the perfect destination. PS - The nights are starry, and the sunsets are beautiful, so make sure you're by the pool or in the open-air jacuzzi during those hours.

What Could Be Better?

The staff can be a little strict about their rules, but overall, it's a great place to unwind.

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Kids, and Bae.

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