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No Cinderellas Here: These Affordable Bars Are Open Past Midnight

Tired of sticking to Mumbai’s curfew? Always raring to go when the bar's all like "Last orders, please!" ? Here are a few bars you can hit up when others kick you out. The ones that'll nod along and support you when your heart says Party Abhi Baaki Hai... While keeping your wallet happy. Read on!

A dependable favourite, DIVE's got amazing deals on drinks almost all day. Happy Hours end at 9 PM sharp, so we suggest heading here around 8, placing orders for the whole night, and then staying back until whenever. However, if you're in no mood to dance, steer clear during weekends!

What's Unmissable Here: The music. The deals!

Drink Up Until: 1:30 AM

Asiad is a small, unassuming bar at Irla. It's very, very affordable, and pretty much the average local bar with just drinks to offer. Go here in a group, and order the Chindian food.

What's Unmissable Here: The fact that it's open, and well, close to a lot of eateries (Papillon, Maruti Pav Bhaji, Anand Vada Pav!)

Drink Up Until: 2 AM

This Juhu icon has no ambience to speak of, but we know it stays open till late. Head here when the only thing you're looking for is more booze... Even if you need to pick it up from here. Yup, they do that! *Wink*

What's Unmissable Here: The fact that it's open!

Drink Up Until: 2 AM

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