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Broke Person's Guide To Buying Formal Shoes Under INR 1,500 {Thank Us Later}

There are times when you have to face the truth – whether it’s finally asking for a receipt from the ATM or just tallying expenses on a sheet. And when that day comes, you turn to everything budget. Not that shopping budget is only meant for days when funds run low. Happy smart shopping!

Located right at the start of the Bandra Station Road, Kishore Devikar specialises in making men’s shoes from scratch.He’ll make shoes according to your requirements and a basic shoe will cost you starting INR 1,200. He also has some ready-made stock available, so if you think you don’t have the patience for a customised shoe, choose away. 

Kobbler is a store in Bandra that stocks a variety of boots, loafers, sandals and formal shoes. Whether it’s oxfords or brogues, they have everything under one roof starting at INR 1,200. If you are looking for accessories to match that formal attire, they even have belts and wallets to suit your needs. Check it out here.

This Instagram account is a boon for those who do not wish to spend on brands but still want the luxury of flaunting them. We’re talking about The Snob Style, a lifestyle account that sells formal shoes starting at INR 1,200.

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