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Queer-Affirmative Counselors You Can Trust

Before September 6, 2018, being queer was considered a crime in India. The landmark judgement that decriminalized homosexuality opened up new avenues for social justice in India, and now protects LGBTQ+ India from judicial violence.
Unfortunately, prejudice extends far beyond the constitution, and can even affect the quality of healthcare provided to the LGBTQ+ individual. Even mental health professionals were unsure of how to help clients that were not heterosexual and cisgender.

Today, we can safely say that therapy has come a long way, and many therapists are trauma-informed and queer-affirmative in their practise. They take into account the fact that the world has dominant heterosexual constructs, and help the LGBTQ+ client navigate through it in an informed manner. We’ve rounded up a list of queer-affirmative counselors in Mumbai that you can reach out to, should you ever need it.

Pooja has been working with non-profits for over a decade, and has been a part of many research initiatives. Today, she is considered as one of the senior queer-affirmative counselors in the city. She has worked with issues pertaining to chld sexual abuse, gender, sexuality, and vioence, and has worked with adolescents, as well.

She’s currently working on her PhD, and is a faculty member of the Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice Certificate Course by the Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI). 

Gauri is a counselor and psychotherapist whose practice is based in Thane. She’s worked in gender and sexuality training in colleges and NSS students for over two years. She, too, is a faculty member at the Queer-Affirmative Counselling Practice Certificate Course by MHI. You can fix up an appointment with her over the phone.

Aanchal Narang is also a faculty member with the Queer-Affirmative Counselling Practice Certificate Course by MHI. She’s spoken at colleges like Whistling Woods International, and even works with patients who are being given palliative care at Make a Wish Foundation. She has worked with many LGBTQIA+ clients and also has been managing a phone line for LABIA - a queer feminist LBT collective.

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