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Hit #PeakHipster With Vegan Wine And Gluten Free Food At Sequel

What Makes It Awesome?

I make a trip to Sequel almost every time I'm in Bombay. For someone with IBS and gluten and lactose allergies, I'm usually always struggling with where I can eat out without falling sick the next day. Fortunately, Bombay's (especially Bandra) got a lot to offer, and Sequel tops my list of such places. Their menu's massive, and has a mix of veg, pescetarian and chicken (if I remember correctly) offerings. I love their avo toasts, salad bowls, and recently tried a 💣 Balinese curry with prawns and brown rice. They've got a few lovely house wines, too. (I don't know what a vegan wine is to be honest, but I'll lap up the hipster pitch!) The sequel's for both indoor and outdoor dining- the space is small (by Delhi restaurant/cafe standards, and just about right by Bandra standards!) but beautifully done up. The service is great too, and the staff's super helpful. Definitely add it to your bucket list if you're a healthy eater.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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