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In the times of social media where everything is expected to be picture perfect and Instagram-worthy, if you truly wish to learn photography, then you must check out these classes in Mumbai.

Girish Menon has taught photography to more than 3,000 participants in the age bracket of 10 to 85 years old. He has a patient approach to teaching and understanding the difficulties of his students, most of whom are using DSLR cameras for the first time. If you have a busy schedule, Menon does one-on-one classes with you which has a 4-hour-long session to cover the basic, followed by a 2-hour session to revise. Then he trains first time DSLR users with basic technical knowledge to get their journey started. And then he also has special classes for food photography and teaches you how to setup a studio in minimum investment.

Udaan offers specialised photography courses, ranging from a basic six-day course,  to an advanced five-day course catering to those who are looking at it as a hobby, and for those looking to make a career. Each of these courses are based around weekends to make it easy for everyone to attend. The courses stress on providing a thorough understanding of basic principles of photography, avoiding all shortcuts and gimmicks, further helping ace every shot not by chance but by knowledge.

They keep experimenting with their courses and workshops which are always happening. Follow them closely to find something that suits your schedule and requirement. 

Photography is an art that dwells on the postulates of science, and that's the focus of this workshop. The experts at Toe Hold know exactly what it takes to develop the course for thorough understanding of the art. A two-day workshop (INR 6,990) is designed to turn the camera and photography an extension of your existence. At this workshop, they will help you hone the basic technical knowledge that can later be applied to all types and formats of photography. If you're just starting out, or have been clicking purely on instinct, then this course is exactly what you need. 

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