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Spot Tigers Or Visit A Haunted Spot At This National Park

What Is It?

Gugamal National Park is spread across 1,673 km square area in the Amravati district. Established in the year 1974, the deciduous forest is located in the hilly area of Melghat. It’s home to over a 100 species that includes Bengal tiger, leopard, sloth bear, jackal and more. Boasting of three rivers – Gadga River and Dolar River that flow through it and Tapi on its Northern border, it is said that crocodiles were introduced in these very rivers.

How Do I Get There?

You can either drive down to Gugamal National Park or take a train to Amravati. There are Volvo buses that ply from Mumbai. For detailed directions, follow this link.

What's Unique About It?

Imagine introducing yourself to the wild, while you soak in the best of what nature has to offer? You can either sign up for a safari with a local service or take your own vehicle in the forest to explore the flora and fauna here. The park is surrounded by some of the most fascinating spots that have mythological and historical relevance. Like Bhim Kund, where Lord Bhim is said to have killed Kichaka, or the supposedly haunted spot called Bhootkhora where Britishers used to hang prisoners.

Other than that, tiger spotting and the neighbouring villages like Chikhaldhara (Maharashtra’s only coffee estate) and Narnala Fort if you’re looking to delve into a bit of history. Wow, this place really has it all.

So, We're Saying...

It already has aroused our curiosity and we may just drop by soon. What about you? Gugamal calls.

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