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Bye Bye Office: Check Out These Gorgeous Co-Working Spaces In Mumbai

Co-working spaces are the solution to the problems of emerging companies, and how! Good environment, reduced expenditure and well, an overall sense of unity. The perfect answer to a good working environment and of course, the oh-so-important concept of networking, co-working spaces are the new in-thing, and loads of cool ones are popping up all over the city. We’ve listed out a few that you can check out, if you’re a part of an emerging organisation and want to have the experience.

One of the most beautiful co-working spaces in South Bombay, Ministry Of New is located in Fort, and having worked there ourselves, we still look back and reminisce about the classy design and the décor of the space. Ministry Of New charges INR 11,000 for 10 days and their monthly plan is for INR 19,500. Want to use their services just for a day or just an hour? That too is possible. It's INR 1500 per day and INR 450 per hour. These rates are exclusive of taxes. Huge, well-lit, airy, homely and well furnished–what else could one possibly need?

Located in Versova, Harkat Studios is a beautifully-designed art studio which also provides co-working space to freelancers simply looking for a quiet and peaceful place to work at. The studio is well-decorated, and is tastefully designed with antique furniture, greenery, library and of course, the game-changer, unlimited tea and coffee! Do look out for the friendly office-attendant, Ramu, to help you at every stage. Harkat charges INR 300 a day, but if you’re securing a 10-day pass, you get one day free! Monthly charges amount to INR 7,500.

WorkAmp is a gorgeous working space in Thane, which includes all kinds of cool things such as a stocked-up cafeteria, regular gigs, cocooned desks and chairs for the ones looking for a private space and even indoor games. And we haven’t yet mentioned the coolest part yet. They have a 2,000 sq. ft. hammock and even an amphitheatre with tons of books to enhance the experience. WorkAmp charges INR 500 a day, and for a monthly pass, the price is INR 9,500.

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