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Dots And Doodles Has Gorgeous Stationery & Lots Of Cool Paper Stuff


Because we wish you well and know how much of a party popper you are, we thought of introducing you to Dots And Doodles for gifting, packaging and partying supplies. Don’t party? Fine. There’s stationery. 

What Makes It Awesome

The brand is a stationery studio that also creates personalised goodies and customised gift boxes with everything you handpick. If you’ve got a wrapping paper fetish or are someone who likes little details, like handwritten notes or beautiful gifting envelopes, it’s worth spending your time browsing here.

They stock themed notecards {also selling at a discount} for every time you want to send out something more significant than e-invites, or say a simple thank-you. There are gift bags for kiddie birthday parties and adult soirees where candies and wine bottles can both be accommodated too. 

These apart, cutesy bottle stoppers, gift envelopes, gift tags in varied themes and gift boxes also inhabit this space that’s {unfortunately} appealing to the hoarder in us.


This studio does a great job of making every generation in the house happy by doing balloons and comic strips as beautifully as it does classy paisleys.

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