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Have A Sweet Tooth? These Bengali Sweets Are What You Must Try

What Makes It Awesome?

Being a hardcore sweet lover I don't know how did I miss out on this place for so long. If you love sweets, Sweet Bengal is the place for you. This place has an amazing variety of sweets and each and every sweet has a unique taste, no two sweets taste the same. This place being a shopping centre and having a number of places to eat from, I would suggest to check out this place after your meal. Have your desserts over here. The person managing this place was also nice and friendly and kind enough to explain each and every sweet to me as I had no idea about any Bengali sweet. All of them were something unique and something that I've never tasted before. I usually love sweets but cannot eat which is too much sweet such as too much chocolate, but these sweets were perfect. Loved them. The best part was that all the sweets are in the price range of 20-40 rupees. On the whole, this has become my new dessert haven. The next time I am craving for some desserts, I know where I have to go. Would strongly recommend trying this place if you love sweets or like sweets and have never tried Bengali sweets.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Family, Kids

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