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The Iconic Al's In Bandra Sells Turtle-Shaped Nose Pins For Only INR 100


Did you know that some of the coolest nosepins and accessories can be found at Al’s tattoo shop and parlour?

What Makes It Awesome

Some of us have stayed away from Al’s, thinking of it only as a tattoo parlour. But if you like piercings and already have some, then there’s plenty for you to shop for at this small parlour present on Hill Road.

From studs in every colour of the rainbow, nose rings {thick and thin}, quirky silver nosepins in different shapes – mini turtles, lotus leaves, elephants, you get them all here starting from INR 50.

If the needle is your enemy, there’s a place for you too. Get clip-on nose rings {not pins} that serve the purpose, are temporary and look as bad ass as it gets.


Nose rings are just like earrings, you will always lose them in the black hole of lost things. Stock up on your stash at Al’s.

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