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Here's How You Can Surprise The Lady This Valentines Day

We know this isn't just a one-day affair. But what's a V-Day without spoiling your boo silly, right? So men, we've got you a list of things that you can gift your better-half, in case you're struggling with ideas. Thank us later, ya'll! 

God knows we need them in abundance! (By now you've figured my gender out, haven't you?) But honestly, this one's always a requirement. But most lingerie is too expensive to buy in bulk. No that we rely on you to buy it all for us. But believe it or not, women love the extra effort. And what's a better occasion that V-Day? 

Where To Buy: You could head to any mall and look for Zivame, M&S (Marks & Spencers) or Enamor.

Shell Out: INR 1,400 onward

P.S: Here's a tip. Get to know about your partner's favorite brand from her girlfriends. Also, it is absolutely normal for you to go lingerie-shopping for women. Do not freak out while you're at it.  

We don't think there's any woman who doesn't like cutesy unicorn-y stuff. Especially stationery. So if your girl's a massive hoarder of Kawai stationery, there are quite a few brands in the market that you can trust. Get her some colorful pens, flasks or sippers, clips, pouches, and diaries (if she loves journalling) and wait to see her jump out of joy! 

Where To Buy: Fete And Fiesta in Bandra, or even Taufa Tapree (an online website); You could also go to an Anupam Book Store in Andheri. 

Shell Out: INR 100 onward (its so sasta, get her loads of them)

As the saying goes, diamonds are a woman's BFF. Okay maybe diamonds is too much for V-Day, but what your spouse will definitely love is jewellery that is gorgeous, functional, and lightweight. This one's a safer option and we don't think you can go wrong with it. Invest on tiny lockets, jhumkas, or even some classy handcrafted bracelets for all occasions. Don't go for heavy chokers or sets, because there's no utility of them apart from some shaadis, TBH. 

Where To Buy: Jewel Gallery in Lokhandwala is pretty cost-effective; you could also head to a Vintage Almari in SoBo. 

Shell Out: INR 2,500 onward

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