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Have You Checked Out The Winter Warmer Festival At Foodhall?


Winter is not coming – it is here. And with that comes a desire to just snuggle under our blankets with some good amounts of comfort food. So if you are looking to stock up your pantry with some amazing winter food {like fresh vegetables and fruits, soups, noodles, Soya Chaap and dry fruits}, then you are in for a complete treat: because Foodhall is all set to host Winter Warmer Festival, all this month.  

Cook Some Regional Dishes

With a range of delicious winter vegetables and greens that bring back memories of childhood dishes, the wide variety available at Foodhall is indeed impressive. From sweet potatoes, purple yams, fresh ponkh {tender sorghum seeds}, green chana, bathua and black carrots, there is enough and more here, to help you craft a wide number of regional dishes.  

A Soupy Affair

No winter is complete without an endless supply of soup. And the Udon noodle and miso broth is packed with Japanese umami flavours, just what you need to keep warm throughout a chilly day. If that is something that does not tempt you, maybe you can try some of their super green soup that has just the right of flavour and health.

Wait, there is more; with winter favourites like Thai pumpkin soup, along with hot and sour soup {both vegetarian and chicken}, your winter shopping cart is definitely incomplete without them. 

It's A Buttery Winter

To make the winter season, even more special Foodhall has added some amazingly delicious yet healthy Nut Butter to its stock, this season. Not only is it fresh, vegan, gluten free and without any preservatives, these are perfect to dig into, when you plan to binge-watch Netflix on cold winter evenings. Yay right?

Nothing Like Comfort Food

Whether it is a wholesome bowl of Persian pumpkin and chickpea tagine or a shiitake, pakchoi and tofu ramen bowls, Foodhall’s winter warmers are sure to give comfort food a whole new meaning. Plus with Italian delights like barley and vegetable risotto garlic and parmesan mac and cheese, there is something here for every type of food lover.

Anything Else?

Don’t forget to add hot chocolate mixes, fondue and raclette packs along with packets of pure honey, dry fruits, nuts and seeds for a complete shopping affair.

Looking to cook your own scrumptious winter meal? All you have to do is visit the Winter Warmer Festival At Foodhall. where you will find all this and more, to help you get your winter menu on track. You can thank us later.

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This story is in partnership with FoodHall.

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