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Stretch It: Super Cool Yoga Studios Around The City

Yoga helps tone the body, improves functioning of internal organs, calms the mind and also helps rejuvenate the spirit. It’s a great way to meditate too, and we’re all including this in your fitness routine this year. Check out these yoga studios around Mumbai that we absolutely love.

This wellness centre is great for you if you love the art and science of yoga. There are a whole range of yoga session to choose from, depending upon your style, skill and endurance. They also have industry experts conducting sessions at this studio in Bandra. Sign up to enjoy an intense session that is totally worth every penny.

Started by yoga instructor Sunaina Rekhi, this studio offers classes that target healing and core strengthening. The focus here is on health and the studio's Hatha, Iyengar-inspired yoga puts the spotlight on spinal health. 

This studio in Lower Parel is known as a center for holistic and integrative health, creative expression, artistic exploration, and personal transformation. They offer classes for Zumba, yoga and salsa, from Monday to Friday. They also host movie screenings and seminars.

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