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Expectant Mothers, Make Your Pregnancy Easy With These Prenatal Yoga Classes

A baby on the way? Well, hurrah – that’s fantastic news. Now, all you need to do is get yourself flexible enough to make it a painless process. Your significant other may be there to hold your hand at the time of delivery, but the idea of someone telling you how to breathe while you’re undergoing probably the most painful situation of your life (sure, it’s perfect after the little one is out), isn’t something you want to hear.

Thankfully, Mumbai has several prenatal classes that include yoga and physiotherapy sessions, to help you improve your flexibility and teach you how to breathe right, months before the big day.

Dr. Aruna Dharia has blended physiotherapy skills with pregnancy care to start Happie Bumps. There are two types – prenatal and postnatal programmes that include physical (the sessions are conducted twice a week and usually last an hour) and informative sessions 

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Shell Out: 10 sessions for INR 7,000 (for ten sessions-45 minutes each)

A maternity agency that aims to create an enriching maternity experience for pregnant couples at a one-stop destination through relevant and customized information, products and services, Awww offers pregnancy yoga services as part of the package. It also specializes in a pre and postnatal pregnancy care program that covers topics like pregnancy information, body change consultancy, personalized diet and nutrition, exercises, labour and delivery classes, breastfeeding and lactation classes, baby foetal brain development classes and baby childcare sessions.

Days: You can choose the days according to your own convenience. 

Shell Out: INR 7,500 onward (for 8 sessions-45 to 60 minutes each

This agency offers a variety of programmes, including prenatal exercises, postnatal care, and breastfeeding techniques, depending on your requirements. Their prenatal classes begin only once you complete 14 weeks of pregnancy, all days of the week. They also have Lamaze birthing sessions for expectant couples, conducted between the 24th and 32nd week of pregnancy. These sessions cover topics related to labor , childbirth, breastfeeding and mom and baby care, and are conducted on weekends.

Days: Monday and Wednesday

Shell Out: INR 300 per session

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