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Take Your Outfit To The Next Level With Accessories From This Brand!


Someone once said ‘Jewellery is like Ice Cream. There’s always room for more!’. We agree 100%! On those difficult morning days when we don’t feel like our best, a splash of jewellery instantly perks our mood and our appearance. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings. Oh! You name it and we love it all! If you’re someone who wants their jewellery to have an oomph, excitement and panache unlike any other then you MUST check out Color Chemistry! Mumbai based brand and the brainchild of Reema and Kartik Shah, Color Chemistry is a brand that sets out to make your jewellery stand out like no other.

Add That Extra Spark To Your Outfit

Color Chemistry is an ode to the Byzantine era where jewellery was not only exquisite but had a quality that made it stand out on its own. The Byzantine Collection by Color Chemistry was inspired from the idea of the love that earlier princesses had with their jewellery pieces. They were fierce, beautiful and strong women, quite similar to their jewellery. Much like the women of 21st century no? (Beyonce’s ‘We Are Women’ playing in the background) 

The Byzantine Collection has all kinds of jewellery a woman would ever want. Right from the powerful neck pieces such as Augustina to chokers like Athenias to earrings like Constantina, this collection will definitely leave a woman wanting more! The collection shows the ‘playful blend of rare, outlandish stones with modern metals’ ensuring that they’re always in vogue. Another aspect that is always in vogue is the colour black. The black stones used in the collection are soft onyx that have been sourced from West Germany, ensuring the sturdy quality of the jewellery pieces. Don’t believe us? Check them out on Instagram as @officialcolorchemistry

So, We’re Saying..

The pieces in this collection are exquisitely made for any and every kind of woman. The fact that each piece is a play on the color black and exquisite metals ensure that this collection will be loved by every woman. It’s edgy, strong, has an ‘oomph’ quality. Go check them out, you can thank us later! You can also hit up their Facebook and Instagram accounts to know more!