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This Tanzanian Jewellery Brand Is For The Experimental Fashionista!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Nyumbani is a Tanzania-based label that gives jewellery a new meaning. We say ditch the silver and gold for a while and go for some wood. Started by Kerry Glanfield, this brand picked up influences from her homes in Caribbean, Mediterranean, and East Africa. The colour-blocking and the geometry in the designs are a big part of the influence.

    Each piece has been sculpted and shaped by hand by Tanzanian artisans using locally sourced wood, like African blackwood, pod mahogany, and jackfruit.

    Because they use different sections of wood to make a piece, each piece is always slightly different in both shape and colour for the rest, making them pretty unique. We’re loving the simplicity of these pieces—there’s no intricate carving or any complicated designs, just letting the wood, colours, and shapes do the talking. Plus, the pieces are quite big and distinct, so they should make for nice statement pieces. We’re particularly partial to their stellar neckpieces.

    P.S: For every piece of jewellery you buy from them, they plant a seed to promote planting of trees! How awesome is that?