Ten-Second Takeaway

Upstairs, a new Pan Asian restaurant that is set to open in Tardeo, has our attention with its unique tricks. Here’s why you may find us perched on a bar stool there.

Chow Down

The menu is slated to have dishes originating from 15 countries including Thailand, Japan and Vietnam. The chef specials include Som Tom, a traditionally made raw papaya salad with a tang of spice & tart along with Mo MiKinh, a delicately flavoured dish consisting of Vietnamese glass noodles seasoned with the chef’s ultra-confidential ingredients {we like mystery}.

Sip On

They have something called The Upstairs Infinity Shot, where the bartender not just makes it for you, but proceeds to give you a circular ride on a bar stool, all while the entire restaurant cheers for you. Also, their cocktails will come with a fish bowl or a personalised Polaroid stirrer. The show-stealer however is this – every drink you order of the same brand after the first one, is cheaper than the one you drank before. It reaches to the point that when the 4th drink you order , is completely free! With every round of four drinks, the drinks keep getting cheaper and the last one is absolutely free.

So We’re Thinking…

We’ll probably head here for the drinks offer for its sheer capability to keep us drunk. Also, the unique serving tactics and that bar stool trick? Definitely taking a shot at that {while having a shot}.They’ll also deliver across South Mumbai starting 1st October.

Featured photo courtesy: Upstairs Asian Bistro Bar