Ten-Second Takeaway

The Thailand Shopping Festival in Mumbai will have over 80 brands from the country showcasing an array of products including clothes, food, decorative items and a whole lot more.

What’s it about?

We love Thailand. We truly do for its spectacular beaches, picture-perfect visuals, utterly delicious food and most importantly its unforgettable shopping experience. Well, shopping in Bangkok goes way beyond a stroll in any mall, because its busy street markets are equally equipped to cater to every kind of a shopper, and give you enough reasons to blow the baht. So what if we told you some of Thailand’s amazing home décor items, collectibles, clothes, foods {Did someone say fried seaweed?} and much more would be put on display in your own city?

That’s right. The Thailand Shopping Festival is set to take place between August 19- 22, and we’re pretty stoked about being there because they promise to house products from over 80 companies {How cool is that!}. Additionally, shoppers can also choose from a variety of garments, handbags, shoes, leather products, herbal and spa products, artificial and dried flowers, Thai silk products, incense sticks, candles, lanterns and so much more {This is getting us excited}. We can only hope that along with these amazing items, this three-day festival also brings back what Thailand is best known for- its budget-friendly pricing.

So We’re Thinking…

It might not be a bad idea to swing by World Trade Centre next weekend for a Thai shopping experience, because who knows, it might just be your lucky day.

When: August 19 to 22

Timing: 10:30am to 7pm

Featured photo source: Mark Fischer via Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]