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The Garden Story - By Zahabiya

    Need Some Green? Place One Of These Gorgeous Terrariums In Your Work Space

    Jayati posted on 30 May


    Add a splash to your homes by picking up a gorgeous bowl of terrarium or pots that will serve as a tiny garden in your houses or balconies with The Garden Project.

    Tell Me More

    The Garden Project is run by Zahabiya who works out of her residence in Powai and creates wonderful bowls of earth aka terrariums and other potted plants. Mumbai lacks space, and in more cases than one, isn’t known for its sprawling houses with lawns. At the most, we have to make do with balconies in our our high rises. The Garden Project, in that sense, is trying to make up for the lack of space by suggesting, if you want to go green, you can.

    Zahabiya herself has a gorgeous balcony, and that’s where it all started from. If anyone is looking for ways to make their space greener, or looking for suggestions, or consultations, she will sort you out. An Architect by profession, she started this off back in December 2016 to pursue her hobby, gardening.

    What We Love

    Terrariums are easy to use, beautiful and always add an extra personality to the room. Zahabiya creates these terrariums, though it’s generally on order to order basis. She works with succulents more that are known to retain good amount of water which means they don’t require much water and have low maintenance.

    She works with plants that in general require least amount of effort being put it in. There’s the regular ferns, succulents, snake plants, ciders jade plant and so many more. she generally sources her plants from local nurseries who get her order from Pune, or Nasik.

    One of the best examples she gives us is of a plant that can be kept in the bathroom. It doesn’t have soil, so once just needs to top it up with on a frequent cycle. Apart from that, the terrariums are always a good idea. They start at INR 1,000 {dependent on the size, and the plant}.

    So, We're Saying...

    It is possible to have your patch of green in your house in Mumbai. If you’re blessed with a balcony, Zahabiya suggests choosing a tiny spot and putting up lots of potted plants and small terrariums there. She also has suggests one can easily make a green corner, by choosing a wall, putting up shelves there, and then putting different kinds of terrariums there, almost like your own personal project. In other words, if you’re looking to green your home, get in touch with Zahabiya for buying beautiful terrariums, or plants or just to get an opinion about things. She also does consultations {price dependent on the kind of work involved}.

    You can get in touch with her on Facebook here for queries and buying things.

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    Home Décor Stores

    The Garden Story - By Zahabiya

    Home Décor Stores

    The Garden Story - By Zahabiya