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The Garden Story - By Zahabiya

    Shop For These Gorgeous Terrariums To Add A Dash Of Green To Your Home

    Jayati posted on 30 May


    Want to brighten up your home with a dash of green? Check out The Garden Project and pick up a gorgeous terrarium bowl or pot that'll serve as a tiny garden in your room or balcony.

    What Makes It Awesome

    ]The brainchild of Zahabiya, The Garden Project is a very unique idea that runs out of her residence in Powai. They create beautiful bowls of earth aka terrariums and a variety of other potted plants.As much as we love it, enough space in a city like Mumbai is a distant reality and one can only wish for sprawling houses with lawns. The maximum that this city can offer us is balconies in our high rise buildings. The Garden Project, in that sense, is trying to make up for the lack of space by suggesting, if you want to go green, you can. 

    Zahabiya herself has a gorgeous balcony, and that’s where it all started from. If anyone is looking for ways to make their space greener, or looking for suggestions, or consultations, she will sort you out. An Architect by profession, she started this off back in December 2016 to pursue her hobby, gardening.

    To make it easier, Zahabiya works with plants that generally require least amount of effort being put it. You will find a variety of plants- succulents, ferns, snake plants, ciders jade plants and the list is endless. Her plants are sourced from local nurseries who usually get her order from either Pune or Nashik.

    One of the most unique places to keep a plant is the bathroom, Zahabiya told us. The plant doesn't have any soil, so it just needs to be topped up with on a regular basis. Terrariums are mini gardens, and hence always a good idea to pick up. They start at INR 1300 approx depending on the plant and its size.

    If you thought that to set up your own garden you'd require ample space, meet Zahabiya who's kickass venture will prove you wrong. If your home is blessed with a balcony, Zahabiya suggests you pick a corner and decorate it with a lot of potted plants and terrariums to beautify it. If you don't have one, Zahabiya has a solution for that too- she suggests you find an empty wall, put up some shelves there and place your terrariums on it. It adds a completely new twist to your room!


    If you're not too sure about what kind of plants would go well with your space, just get in touch with her on Facebook and she would be more than happy to guide you with the same. The price of the consultation depends on the amount of work that is involved.

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    Home Décor Stores

    The Garden Story - By Zahabiya

    Home Décor Stores

    The Garden Story - By Zahabiya