Spent Hours Playing Tetris? Up Your Game With Tetris-Themed Jewellery

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What Makes It Awesome

For gamers that slay, we found edgy jewellery inspired by the classic game of organised chaos – Tetris.

Made by Hyperbole Accessories, this is a collection especially themed around Tetris and has the linear geometric elements in their earrings, rings, necklaces. The material used is gold plated brass, and also has pearls, agate stones and enamel used in combination. Even if you weren’t into the game, we’d definitely recommend adding golden Tetris necklace to our accessory collection in a heartbeat for an all-day-all-night statement piece.

Wear these and you might find the outfit-match as satisfying as the click when the bricks would fall into the right slot. We aren’t exaggerating.

Psst! If Tetris isn't your style, the brand also does an array of styles too and their collection is versatile. There's the nature-inspired Marigold and Enchanted Lotus, plus GOT fans, they even have a collection inspired by the hit show!

Prices start around the INR 1,200 mark for the gold-plated Tetris collection, silver jewellery from INR 1,500, and semi-precious jewellery from INR 800 upwards.


Try and keep the jewellery away from water for it to avoid rust.


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