Ten-Second Takeaway

The beautiful Goan favourite Greek restaurant, Thalassa finally opened yesterday in with its first outpost in Mumbai in Khar. We caught up with the owner and head-chef Mariketty Grana about her favourites from the menu, the Goan vibe and more.

What’s It About?


Thalassa finally found a home in Mumbai. Recreating their Goan vibe with an open space, minimal decor and hues of whites and blues, it immediately transports you out of Mumbai as we know it. It has two outdoor sections both with bars and one inside section for your fine dining dates. With marbled floor and fairy lights wrapped up around the bamboo poles, the place gives out a really chill vibe, almost shack like throwing us back to good old Goa.

Chow Down


Mariketty tells us how to eat like a Greek from starters to dessert. First up for starters, she says every Greek table must have Tzatsiki {pita bread served with delicious mint, garlic and herb dip}, juicy chicken meat balls and feta Saganaki {fried feta cheese and we’re dying} or Prawns Saganaki {with fresh tomato sauce, feta cheese and cheddar melted in the oven} if you love your seafood.

For mains – she goes for her favourite lamb dish and what she’s famous for – lamb gyros and lamb Thalassa kebabs which is divine {whilst stuffing ourselves with the kebabs}. For desserts, she says, though Baklava is a huge favourite in Greece she prefers Karidopita which is a Greek dessert/pie stuffed with nuts {a Greek brownie if you may}.

#LBBTip: If you’re a vegetarian, there’s plenty to choose from. Our pick is Feta Mousaka – which is basically layers of cheese stuffed with veggies and mushrooms that literally just melted in our mouth.

Sip On


They have a fantastic bar serving up a host of cocktails, sangrias and wine. We kept our cosmos coming up with a few shots here and there. Also, they have a cozy neon basement – reserved for private parties with its standalone bar – so if you’re in the mood to partaaay that is where you go!

So, We’re Saying…


Though we wish this Greek tavern overlooked the gorgeous blue sea, just like in Goa, Thalassa in Mumbai is a great addition. Our favourite bit, however, is the music that they play and we want to take a chance and declare Thalassa to be one of the best places to listen to good music. Tuning in the nineties y’all.

Photos: Athul Prasad/LBB