Thank Those Who Matter In The Sweetest Way On Shukriya Diwas!


What Makes It Awesome?

Doesn’t it feel good when someone goes out of their way to help you? A tiny gesture or even the smallest act of kindness like this can really make your day. How often do we acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of others who’ve helped us in our daily tasks and express gratitude towards them? Something to mull over, right?

But then, we understand how confusing it actually is to figure out how to show this appreciation & gratitude. So, we’ve decided to jump right in now. We believe it's time we amp up our gifting game and make this gesture of saying "Shukriya" all the more special with a meaningful handwritten message accompanied by some yummy desserts. And, what better way to do it than with a gooey chocolate cake or some fresh fruit pastry!

Picture this - You’re swamped at work and your colleague, out of nowhere, extends their support to help you. Want the perfect gift? How about, the next time your teammate helps you with a presentation, assignment or even shares their dabba with you, as a courtesy say shukriya with a delicious Dutch Truffle chocolate cake, a fresh pineapple pastry or even a cheesecake for that matter! Even when your boss extends the timeline on your project or heck, even approves your leaves in one go (woot woot!), think out of the box and send him/her a personalised cake. It’s sweet, it’s delicious, and it's added brownie points! Wohoo!


FYI folks, Shukriya Diwas is on Feb 22. So we suggest, get a personalised cake and say shukriya to anyone and everyone who has helped you (even in the smallest way possible)from Ribbons & Ballons or O Cakes. Amp up on those lasting memories, keep those cameras out and have a soul-filling day!