The Perfect Fit, Popping Colours And More: Go Lingerie Shopping At This Andheri Store

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    What Makes It Awesome?

    I Found Candyskin online, and as I was travelling to Mumbai - I called and booked an appointment. I visited the head office to try the fit of the lingerie by booking an appointment, where after trials I ended up buying all the colours. The lingerie consultant there requested that I take their online quiz for the perfect size, and I must add - the quiz was surprisingly accurate. What I loved about the collection is that its fun and full of bright pop colours.

    What Could Be Better?

    I think they should really try to promote their quiz, as it will help women gain confidence to buy lingerie online.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Take their quiz on their website to know your perfect size, before you buy their product.

    Anything Else?

    For me personally, the Idea of wearing good lingerie is that it should make one feel sexy inside and this brand just brings in the right balance one needs while buying the right innerwear. My personal favourite is their seamless panty collection - you cannot afford to miss it!
      Available Online