Oasiss Desserts: A One Of A Kind Dessert Parlour In Ghatkopar East

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What Makes It Awesome?

Oasiss, The next gen desserts. A highly maintained and really a stop for next-generation desserts. The Oasiss is one of the amazing dessert parlour located in Mumbai, has many outlets in Mumbai and Ghatkopar is one of them. All the outlets are having almost the same menu and flavours.

The Ghatkopar outlet is located at Vikrant Circle, one of the prime locations or you can say a food hub in Ghatkopar. The Oasiss here has really clean and positive Ambiance also has a sitting arrangement for dessert lovers. The main reason for visiting this outlet is its flavorful desserts and amazing varieties.

The staff here is also friendly and have knowledge of every dessert they have. Their suggestions can be considered while ordering desserts. The outlet is known for its cakes, smoothies, thick shakes, Popsicles, cold stone ice-cream, waffles, pancakes and many other fusion desserts.

The display of desserts and the clean environment makes this place more beautiful. The desserts here are really flavorful and colourful as well.

We tried,
-Madagascar Brownie Pancakes: A pancakes made up from brownie batter and garnished with some delicious melted chocolate. The pancakes along with the sugar Dusting and the melted chocolate was just delightful to have. The crumbled pieces of oreo were giving a great crunch. The sweetness was balanced by keeping pancakes not too sweet. Perfect for the chocolate lover.
-Mango Maharaja: The summer being the season of mangoes and if you are not eating the Mango in dessert, then you are missing major drool-worth desserts. The Mango here served really royal style. The Mango maharaja, a dessert made from cream, Mango ice-cream, Mango syrup and chunks of Mango. A mangolisious dessert. The ice cream was good, the cream and Mango chunks were balancing the sweetness and texture. A perfect for Mango lover.
-Popsicle: A new trending ice-cream nowadays, create your own Popsicles by selecting the flavour of ice-cream, the chocolate dip and the sprinklers. We had orange jelly belly popsicle, along with the Swiss crunch dip and 3 types of sprinklers. The taste of the candy was good.
-Red Velvet Thick Shake: One of the thickest shakes ever had. The vanilla flavoured shake along with the crushed red velvet brownie was just perfect for the summer. The thickness was one of the main reason to have it. The flavours were long-lasting. Highly recommended.
-Rainbow Pastry: The colourful pastry was just delightful, all the layers were having their own flavours. The sweet pastry was soft and good in portion. Highly recommended.

Overall if you are looking for some amazing flavourful cakes and desserts, must visit once. We overall had a great time and drooling desserts.

Thanks to the management for hospitality and special thanks to Mr Asijit for serving us.

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