Ten-Second Takeaway

Love your chai? The XVII Tea Room in Bandra is a little cafe that is perfect for catching up with friends over a hot cuppa on a Sunday afternoon.

Chow Down

I’m not a fan of the decor, but believe me, every single item on the menu surpasses expectations. Perfectly made teas, delicious snacks to munch on {especially their rich Belgian chocolate pancakes} as well as an owner who’ll make sure you’re utterly satisfied with your order, all make this a wonderful spot to relax in.

Their classic cheese chilli toast and their bruschettas are good if you’re looking to share a bite with someone. If you’re hungry for a full meal, try their Mediterranean sandwich which is quite filling. They also have a range of pancakes and tea cakes for munchies.

The mini-chocolate pancakes are an utter delight, with luscious Belgian chocolate poured over tiny fluffy pancakes, garnished with diced almonds – all at a mere INR 100. The food and the humble owner along with his passion for good food make this a good spot to spend your weekends at. I heard that are in the process of expanding their menu, so keep an eye out for that.

Sip On


They have a range of hot coffees, iced teas, and even some cremes prepared with fresh cream and real bourbon vanilla beans. The iced teas and hot teas are a no brainer. I am biased towards anything chocolate, so I’ll definitely recommend the cold chocolate as well. {If you’re a tea-lover, don’t forget to check out these quirky teapots as well.}

Anything Else?

While the decor is hardly worth a mention {especially the hideously painted wall}, I do believe it fades in comparison to the quality and taste of the food they deliver. It’s tiny, but you’ll always find place to sit. A rainy day does add to the charm of the place, unless you’re seated in the basement.

So, We’re Saying…

Just walk in, and don’t expect much food on the menu. It’s a post-lunch place, perfect for catching up with friends or colleagues.

Featured photo source: Pexels

Other photos: The XVII