The Unknown Monument

    Byculla, Mumbai

    Mazgoan or Matsyagram as it was called, is one of the seven islands that made up the Mumbai {then Bombay} Heptanesia. An area of ‘did you knows’, Mazgoan is home to one of Mumbai’s most beautiful mausoleums, Hasnabad Dargah – the city’s very own Taj Mahal.

    What To See

    Neighbouring mechanic shops and a few grimy industrial warehouses, Hasanabad was built in veneration of the 1st Aga Khani, Shah Hasan Ali Shah, who came to India from Iran in the early 1800s and died in the country in 1881. This architectural marvel has four corner minarets and a beautiful blue dome – a welcome sight for sore eyes.

    Need To Know

    Hasanabad apart, Mazgaon is rich in cultural eclecticism, echoing the ethos of Mumbai. Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism and Zoroastrianism, all exist harmoniously within its bosom, leaving deep cultural imprints on this forgotten island.

    Where: Mazgaon, Anjeerwadi Road, Dr Mascarenhas Rd, Mustafa Bazar, Byculla

      Byculla, Mumbai