Ten-Second Takeaway

Fans of the grill, here’s more good news for you as South Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda takes on another new restaurant: The Yard.

What’s At Steak Here?


Photo source: Pexels

Just your waistline. The Yard is an American smokehouse and barbecue joint which has just opened up in Kala Ghoda. Although predominantly focusing on barbecue, the cuisines they are serving up are American, Italian and continental.

In the starters they serve zucchini fries, cheese fondue, wild mushroom and goat cheese cigar. We are also loving the sound of their seafood starters – shrimp popcorn, calamari rings, the smoking prawns, to name a few. They make pizzas {already winning}, sandwiches, risotto, amazing-sounding pastas {including baby spinach canneloni with fried basil chips and lemon coriander prawns in spaghetti with burnt garlic}, and burgers.

Getting to the main focus, from the BBQ section, have a bratwurst sausage, pick the braised ribs or even go for a more classic slow-cooked rotisserie chicken. Other smoked options are lamb shanks, lobster with truffle, and a chicken stroganoff. They do not serve pork, however.

Anything Else?

No alcohol is served at this eatery, so don’t go with the intention of a party night. But on the upside, food should always deserve your full attention, doesn’t it?

So, We’re Saying…


Photo courtesy: The Yard

This is the sort of grilling even we, lovers of slack, don’t mind. The food sounds pretty amazing and is making us want it now. Will we catch you at this yard, after getting rid of all ‘em boys?

Featured photo source: Pixabay