Ten-Second Takeaway

Get beautiful patterned and handcrafted soaps for bathing indulgence from SoapWorks for everything natural and chemical-free.

Roses And Cake-Shaped Soaps

Started off in Gurgoan out of a soap-maker, Harini Sivakumar’s home, SoapWorks features only handmade soaps and other handmade beauty products. If you, like us, are into natural organic products, these soaps are what you need. They are 100% natural and devoid of any sort of chemical you may see in the mass-produced soaps available in the markets.

What we especially love about these soaps is how beautifully carved are they. From cake -shaped, to flowers ones to even lion and duck-shaped soaps for the kids, they have an eclectic and diverse collection. Apart from this, the names of the soaps are as dreamy as they look – chocolate fudge, rose garden goat’s milk, avocado pulp, lemongrass and green tea and the list goes on.


Made with love, natural oils and natural ingredients like goat milk, aloe Vera, glycerin these soaps serve purpose for all types of skins. In fact, this collection of soaps may just even pass off as a home decor piece {they are that pretty}.

#LBBTip: Customisation requests are welcome here, so if there’s something in mind, go ahead and let them know via Facebook. They do delivery pan-India with a standard delivery charge.

So, We’re Saying…

Since we know of these handmade soaps and what exactly they’re made of, we don’t feel like getting back to the plain old soaps. They’re naturally fragrant and creamy which leaves a smooth after effect.

Price: INR 299 upwards

You can also buy them on Engrave here.

Photos source: SoapWorks