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Horlicks, Cotton Candy And More: Our Childhood Sugar Highs Are Back

Jayati posted on 02 September

Ten-Second Takeaway

In our quest to find interesting desserts, we stumbled across Chemistry 101’s dessert collection and it’s all about going back in time to reminisce on our childhood and simpler times.

The Era Before The Millennium

Chemistry 101’s menu is always in line with its running theme – storytelling. Hence, the birth of Sweet Memories, the dessert section taking us down memory lane.

These desserts are carved out of chocolates and use liquid nitrogen to pretty themselves up. They have a dessert platter called The Boy Who Never Grew Up {INR 550} – with assortments of crayon sponge, sugar pencil, Horlicks milkshake, candy dust and Bournvita ravioli – basically every 90’s kid’s childhood on a plate. Also, there’s something for Jeremy Clarkson fans: the Top Gear includes banana caramel gateau, salted popcorn ice cream with a side of spiced almond soil served in a chocolate Porsche 911.

Apart from this, the two other dishes are Cariad {which is Welsh for darling} and a crystal ball with some whacky illusions, both of which are taking aesthetically-pleasing desserts to another level.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re up for a night of sweet indulgence vis-a-via beautifully designed desserts, then these dessert platters are calling out to you.