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Drink, Shop, Party & More: Here's What You Can Do This Weekend

Jayati posted on 04 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Mumbai is constantly buzzing with interesting things to do. And now that the weekend is here, we’ve carefully curated the best of the lot this weekend. Your ‘To-Do’ list looks smashing, we must say.


1. Shop With A Cuppa

Looking to stock up on some accessories? Head to Blue Tokai to shop the collection from Luna, a modern and minimal jewellery brand. There’s going to be overflowing cheese, coffee and a free nail art setup. Starting Friday, this one is on till August 6, 2017.

Find the event here.

2. Get Ready For A Beer Battle

A beer festival is all set to take place at The Little Door, kick starting the epic weekend that awaits you. There’s going to be discounted beer prices {Budweiser for INR 99, Stella and Hoegaarden for INR 249}, a Foosball table, beer chugging competitions and beer relays. Put on your battle paint and head to Andheri.

You can read more here.

3. Get Hip-Hoppin’

No standing, only dancing at this one. Get your behind to antiSOCIAL, and strut to hip-hop beats by Qube and Uday Kapur.

Find the event here.

4. Attend A Musical

Head on over to NCPA, and have your pre-Independence day warm-up session by watching a striking performance – Gandhi: The Musical. The musical opens on August 4 and closes on August 15.

Find the event here.

5. Go Down The Memory Lane

It’s been 70 years since the partition, and as an ode to the historic yet tragic event, India Culture Lab in Vikhroli has put up an exhibition dedicated to the memories of it.

Find the event here.

Saturday, August 6

1. Attend A Micro-Fiction Fan Fest

Channel in your innermost creative self at this micro-fiction fan fest at antiSOCIAL. Every participant can engage and create their own mash-up from popular prose, poetry or song lyrics. The panel of judges includes VJ Hooezay, Arunodoy Singh, Sharin Bhatti and more.

Read more here.

2. Bring Your Vinyl

The Revolver Club has started off its series – ‘Bring Your Own Vinyl’ as a way to revive records. The event is free, but the seats are limited so make sure to RSVP here.

Find the event here.

3. A Walk Into The Woods

Organised by WWH Tribal Women Empowerment Program and Aarey Forest Festival, one will get to explore the tribal parts of Aarey forest, their history and culture.

Find the event here.

4. Attend An Intimate House Party

Organised by BeatMap, you need to gear yourself up for a house party at Malabar Hills this Saturday. There’s going to be a singer-songwriter, a magician, and a room full of strangers to discuss stories with.

Find the event here.

5. Monsoon Trek to Harihar Fort

Put on your trekking shoes and head out to Harihar Fort. A monsoon getaway with scenic landscapes and lush surroundings, make sure you wear rain-proof clothes and sturdy shoes to the trek.

Find the event here.

Sunday, August 6

1. Fundraiser At The Cat Café Studio

Help out feline friends at the Cat Café Studio by dropping in for this Sunday event. Gaysi Family will be organising a queer trivia quiz, and all are welcome to join in. The money from the event will go towards maintenance of the café, and the up-keep of the cuties {cats} there.

Find the event here.

2. Attend A Rooftop Cookout

An all-meat affair will be happening at Café Terra this Sunday, and there’s going to be poutine, pork ribs and more delicious dishes by four home chefs. Get ready to hog, amigo.

Read more about it here.

3. Catch An Evergreen Classic Film

Did you love the ‘Roman Holiday’? Did you wish for the life that Audrey Hepburn wished for? Then get yourself a cab to Matterden CFC in Lower Parel and go back in time.

Find the event here.

4. All-Blues Fest

International Blues Day is being organised at antiSOCIAL to end the weekend on a high. The lineup has the likes of Adil Manuel, Samantha Edwards, Wilson Kenneth , John “JD” Thirumalai, Vehrnon Ibrahim and many more on the roster. Entry is INR 300 at the gate.

Find the event here.

5. Join The Reading Women’s Club

Join this special project at What About Art?// where you read books by female authors, and discuss arts, culture and literature in the company of other women. Anyone who identifies with the gender ‘female’ is welcome.

Read more about it here.

6. Read In The Company Of Strangers

The Reading Social is back at Khar Social, and all you need is a book in your hand. What a fantastic day it will be, {book}marked by the memories of you reading out to keen listeners.

Find the event here.

7. Breakfast Ride In SoBo

Call yourself an early bird? Then, kick start your Sunday with a ride. You’ll be in the company of fellow riders in South Bombay. Ending with a heavy and indulgent south Indian breakfast in Matunga, you’ll be ready to take on Sunday.

Find the event here.

8. Do Yoga With Beer {Or Drink Beer While Doing Yoga}

Like mixing up fitness with fun? Then beer yoga is for you. Organised by Binge at Cafe Zoe from 5pm to 6pm, go here if you’d like to try this fad everyone’s raving about.

Find the event here.