#ThingsThatMatter: Celebrate Life With These 5 Incredible Experiences

Mary posted on 20 April

They say that if you are not living life on the edge, then you’re taking too much time. And if you too have been longing for some adventure and thrill in your life, now would be a best time to act on it, given all the long weekends 2017 has blessed us with. So, hey go ahead, climb a few mountains and wade through a few oceans.


The season for skiing ends by mid-April, which leaves you with two alternatives, pack your bag and head out now or wait for next year. Whatever you decide, the fact of the matter is that hitting the slopes with your friends is indeed a fun experience and capturing your very own Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani moment should be the highlight of your trip.


With images of blue skies and white sand, we cannot wait to plan and get away, as soon as possible. And with a mix of explored and unexplored beaches in India, there are quite a few options for the traveller here. When you are done with surfing, be sure to walk barefoot on the sand, soak up some sun and kick back with some delectable sea food and tender coconut water – good times are calling you peeps.

Mountain Biking

This time we are heading to Manali, which is considered as the mountain biking capital of India. With all kinds of natural trails, from single trails, to challenging climbs, there is something here for every thrill seeker.

Sky Diving

Free-falling from the sky and spinning through the air is an incredible experience {if you can stomach it} and something that has always been on our bucket list. The high is unfathomable, and we completely understand why people get hooked. Interested? You will have to make your way to Pondicherry or Mysore and if you are looking for something closer, Skyhigh in Aligarh offers free falling. It is not the same, but might be a good alternative.

A Quiet Time  In The Hills

It’s true some things in life are beyond words, and if you are looking for a quiet getaway under the stars, we have you sorted on that front as well. While Leh and Ladakh are popular options, we recommend Spiti Valley, a land where you can see the stars in all their glory, rolling mountains, monasteries, sunsets and happy faces. We are already packing our bags, are you?

These experiences will create some incredible moments! Which is why a good camera is something you need to carry with you on such occasions, so you can capture these moments and relive them. With a legacy of 100 years, Nikon is your perfect experience partner on these journeys. Why you ask? Because after capturing images in every imaginable locations from space to deep sea, there is little that a Nikon camera cannot do. Don’t believe us? This post is partnership with Nikon India.